That Which Satisfies My Soul


I ask myself, almost daily, what separates those who desire to learn from those who do not? Particularly since I resumed my collegiate coursework three years ago. I cannot imagine ever NOT wanting to learn. I feel as if my brain is a Porifera; a marine sponge soaking up knowledge as quickly as the salt water which surrounds it.

I crave learning. I need it to sustain and satisfy my soul.

It is this hunger which drove me to start my own blog last month in the temporary lull between quarters. To fulfill my need to write creatively regardless of the serious essays coming around the corner. I did not want to lose momentum.

After working for twenty-four years in academia I am a little late to the credentials party, but I can see it now. Taste it like the decadent piece of chocolate cake that I indulged in yesterday with a cup of coffee.

Education is like opening a window every morning; breathing in the fresh air.

It is this feeling which I desire to impart to my teenage son. Every single human being has the right to learn regardless of circumstance or personal challenge, but you have to want it. To go after it.

I am grateful.

I am thankful to those who support my vision.

I used to berate myself for being a non-completer. But somewhere along the way, I proved to myself and to others that I was serious about my goal.

I was given a chance.

I took it.

There is no looking back; only forward.

I have this razor-focused vision of where I am going.

Now I rebuke distraction.


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